Luki Martin - Prosecuting Attorney

This is me!


English with a concentration in Language, Writing, and Rhetoric. Minor in General Psychology.

Interests in Design and Rhetoric

ENG 317 is my first venture into the coding and design aspects of English, and I really like it so far. I enjoy learning code and how to arrange things on a page so that it is visually appealing to the audience. What is still so interesting to me is that design affects rhetoric and vice versa. I would like to become more proficient in this field because I think it's important in our ever-changing society that lives through technology.

Career Aspirations

Ever since I was little, I had always wanted to become a veterinarian. My goal was to attend NC State for veterinary school; however, upon entering college, I realized that I was not as good at math as I thought I was.

Unfortunately, math is SO important in any field that requires anatomy and medicine.

My dreams were crushed, but then my father got promoted to a homicide detective and I immediately took an interest to his work. I was far too scared and uncoordinated to be a police officer or a detective or anyone else in the thick of the action, so I explored other things. Soon, I was hooked on becoming a prosecuting attorney and that has stuck with me since. I want to make the world a better, safer place.

Additional Information

This is just some general information that I thought would be cool to include!

I was born in Mongolia and my family moved to the United States when I was 4. I can't speak any Mongolian, but I would love to learn. I'm also part Thai on my father's side. Can't speak any of that either.

I have two pets: a Chihuahua and a cat. The Chihuahua lives in Chicago with my mother and sister, and the cat lives with me in my apartment in Raleigh. He is a nuisance.

In my free time, I'm trying to get better at writing so that I could make it a profitable hobby in the future. I started a blog on Wordpress when I was a sophomore. I haven't written anything since, but I want to get back into it.